Where is gamepad.js?


Can’t find it! :slight_frown:


Like… literally gamepad.js? I think it was retired to script-archive/controllers/gamepad/gamepad.js

If by chance looking to tweak Xbox controller mappings then those are in resources/controllers/xbox.json.


Thanks. I was trying to see if my old generic analog gamepad will work with HiFi (under Linux). Doesn’t appear so, then. My X-box controller is in the post, so no big deal, though.

Heh, 15 minutes after posting that, my X-box controller snap-on keypad arrived in the mail from China. The X-box controller itself was ordered locally, so is apparently going to take longer! :unamused:


Someone with access probably should go into the HiFi docs and scrub the gamepad.js stuff out, too!


Ahh, you’re on Linux? Me too (usually from a DK2).

Have you considered using joy2key? It uses an rcfile to map axis/buttons to keyboard inputs – so for example you could map your dpad buttons to the arrow keys for toolin’ around inworld. It works entirely before the application level (so with this approach there’s nothing to configure in Interface itself).

On Ubuntu it’s apt-get install joy2key and/or pretty easy to build from source via https://sourceforge.net/projects/joy2key/. Also here’s a tutorial that walks through the setup procedure:


Thanks. Hoping for finer analog control, though.