Where is the center of a domain and what are the limits?


I just tried to place the island at 0,0,0 thinking it was the center of the domain. I was not able to move the center of the island downward below 0. When some of the island hanged over one of the axis, the island would disappear when I turned my avatar in circles and then re-appear as I continued to rotate. It seems the parts hanging over the zero horizontal axis was the demarcation of that. So…

  • Where is the absolute center of a domain’s coordinates?
  • How far up, down, left, right, in, out is the maximum coordinates?
  • Which axis is X,Y, and Z in the interface?
  • Which axis correlating to which color in the interface?

Thanks for the noobie help…


Domains are cubes 16394 in each axis… so center is 8192… standard colors, x red, y green, z blue. But remember that here in HiFi Y is up/down, Z is depth.


@Twa_Hinkle - you rock! Thanks


Is the unit of measure 1m? so 16K meters for a domain?


That’s it. Dimensions are from 0 to 16384-n metres (not sure how fine-grained n is, but it is just below 16384 - if you try to position anything at actual 16384, it will be unhappy as it will have overflowed the variable!).
Half way will, as mentioned above, be 8192. Quarter: 4096, etc.

16384 = 2^14
8192 = 2^13
4096 = 2^12

There is, of course, no reason* you have to work in binary powers. If you are more comfortable with decimal, think of the extent as 16000 and half way as 8000, etc. Since domains are not laid out on a meta-grid, the gap at the high end won’t matter. (I only need 4096m extents for my present domain, so called 2048 the middle of my domain and ignore everything above 4096 in any direction).

  • Working in round binary powers may allow the CPU to take short-cuts in coordinate calculations sometimes, but i have no idea if this would make a difference worth measuring.