Where is the old DOCS site ? I need it for some missing info


Where is the old docs site. the new wiki is nice. but it’s a bad move to remove the old one when you know the new one is pretty incomplete still.

And that gives me big problems now with javascript.
So what is the URL of the old docs site ?


Use the wayback machine. This is from late 2015: https://web.archive.org/web/20150930005935/https://docs.highfidelity.com/

BTW, everyone should support the internet archives aka wayback machine. They are a valuable people funded service.


I tried the wayback machine before posting. it’s not working because the page is complete scrambled to unreadable pile of words.

We just need to have access to the old orginal pages for a while.


I can read the pages just fine, at least the links pages. It looks like the HF Web site is hostile to letting the wayback machine make archives, as I noticed many of the leaf pages got 302 status during archival. Oh well.


Her, the whole formatting is lost.



Yes, I saw that problem in the audio section. It is caused by partial archiving. I am still surprised that the embedded interface docs and JS function prototypes are not autogenned and published regularly into the wiki.


But… because i cannot read that section. i just cannot proceed. becasue the information on the wiki is different and incomplete. And also different way it explains it.


Hmm, you can open the scripting console (ctrl-alt-j) and enter this to see the implemented audio properties and methods:

Object.getOwnPropertyNames(Audio).sort().join(’ – ');

deleteLater() -- destroyed() -- destroyed(QObject*) -- disconnected() -- environmentMuted() -- mutedByMixer() -- objectName -- objectNameChanged(QString) -- playSound(SharedSoundPointer) -- playSound(SharedSoundPointer,AudioInjectorOptions) -- receivedFirstPacket() -- setStereoInput(bool)

Then search the wiki for the properties. In this case I searched for AudioInjectorOptions andgot this:

Or searchgithib for same:

Granted, not complete and requires much geek-fu, but it is something. I thought someone was going to auto populate the wiki, @chris, @Caitlyn?


Not using scripting console. because ity’s QT font and the size is small. If it’s not a bit blurry. So that’s not really a solution

Also i do not think it print the audio injector options that where on the orginal docs.

except i could copy and past it. but not use the console until the fix it. Same with script editor.


Yes, very small (for 20 year old eyes, no doubt). I copy the console output and paste it to notepad++, a clumsy workaround.