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Just also updating it here, but I did bring up the concern of the lack of things to do in Hifi. Hopefully that gets the ball rolling.


Thanks for bringing it up, but it’s more subtle than that, and despite the detractors, the secret world of typed chat was one of the sticky things in SL.
While I was doing whatever in Second Life, I was also chatting in private chat with two other friends.
If I have to go into Skype or Discord every time I want to chat with someone, what’s the purpose of HiFi?

I would like to be an audience member at an event, and be able to chat with mates without disturbing others, or breaking the immersion.

And yeah…more stuff to do.


Phillip seemed into the idea, and I’ve been thinking about it, and using it as a way to gather and retain more users.

How about a ping pong tournament? Advertise it for 2 weeks or so, have the heats over 4 weeks and then the finals over 2 weeks. If high fidelity put up a prize in HFC or a headset or something, it might attract a few more people and keep them around as spectators to cheer on the tournament leaders.

I don’t know, just a thought.