Where VR is growing presently


Venture Beat reports on the market segments where VR is growing presently. It looks like public places like mall installations, carnival style VR in RL playrooms, and fitness scenarios. At home VR has a longer than expected uptick.


I always felt this would be the case. VR at places with arcade machines like Chuck E. Cheese’s and Boomer’s is going to be really important to give people their first taste of VR until VR becomes cheaper and easier for the average consumer.

VR is probably going to follow the same trajectory videogame consoles did. People played videogames primarily at arcades for a long time, because the cost upfront was cheaper (a few quarters). But as videogame consoles became more and more affordable, the average consumer started to play them more and more at home. Now arcades have been mostly replaced by home units for most people.


I agree with you Theanine. I just posted this NYTimes article about what AMC Theaters are rolling out now. AMC Theaters Rolling Out VR Experiences

The more places people can experience VR for the first time the better. Projects like the one that Disney is doing in Orlando (The Void) and other cities where people can have 5 to 8 minutes VR experiences that will blow their mind is terrific.

The Void: Disney and The Void