Where's Ronaldo


High Fidelity is looking for one person to be a moving ‘easter egg’ during the Sept 7th load test. This job requires you to wear a specific Ronaldo avatar that has unique markings. People attending the load test will try to locate you, Ronaldo, within TheSpot. The first person who finds you and shakes your hand gets an HFC prize. Once, found, it is your job to secretly relocate yourself to a new location and wait to be found again.

Applicants must have an intermediate to advanced level of skill using the High Fidelity client an HMD and hand controllers.

Applicants will be paid $2500 HFC to work from 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT on Sept 7th. HFC is now convertible to $US. To learn how go here.

Please only apply if you can commit to working that date and time.

Apply here


While a fun idea I do have some concerns on requirements and the idea it self:

Wouldn’t this require also some trickery as well with multiple usernames/logins, (or whitelisted IP/MAC) and multiple fst sources of the avatar.

I think such should prepare a script with a number of prepared locations, and bunch of fst avatar urls (of the same avatar, but different / random fst source names across various hosts) and avatar scales, rename display name to a set of names or keep to anonymous (if even possible at a locked event) while using the HMD.

Would be otherwise a moderate effort for someone in desktop mode to dig through the nearby avatar list in console or even simply with PAL and teleport to them, spoiling ‘the visual hunt’ for everyone. :wink:

Unfortunately the hfc sum (if that is 2500HFC) is paltry for all that above pre-work.


What Menithal says. Plus, one would hope that the Hifi team has thought of this and dealt with it before it goes live.


If nobody knows who the ronaldo is based on their username then maybe they can hide in plain sight so to speak?


Once someone finds them once and they rehide, the information can be attained if one is quick enough.