White text and box on interaction


So I have two issues actually. First, I seem to have white text on a white background.

I’ve no idea how it got like this but it’s actually a huge problem and it’s not just on the marketplace, but everywhere.

Second, on interaction with a grabbable object, I get a huge box around them.


Now, I come to the forums because both of these issues have come up in the past 2 months and both of them seem to be local to me. I’ve talked to others and they are not having these problems. I may have changed settings I don’t know about so any help would be appreciated.


It might help to mention also the hardware you are running, that last one seems like hardware or driver specific.

The first one looks odd, and seems like the styling for the page hasnt loaded for you. What sort of connection are you running on?

Have you updated your drivers yet?


White text in web pages loaded in interface is a issue with using a AMD graphics card. It has a fix in the works that should apear a few interface versions from now. White box around grabbable entities may as well be a amd problem, but has not been fixed yet. I see them too with amd graphics.


Okay. I am indeed using an AMD card. If these are known issues for AMD cards, I think we can consider this closed. Thanks!