White window dont stop open and close



So, when i open the interface, one white window dont stop to show and in the litle windows said texture UUID 0000-0000-0000-0000 I was with angie head and amber stand shape, tried change appereance and not succefull. I reinstalled and nothing. This happend since 6.0, now i’m usind 6.11.

This is begin when tried follow the Judas tutorial how edit the amber shape, I get the new shape perfect, but now I can not change shape all stop when i tried and windows ask to close… NAD THE WHITE window dont stop of open and close itself

ThankY for help


this window used to come up with a minimize button, but now it’s a question mark, so it can only be closed or moved, unsure if closing it is cutting of access the software needs. Last seen on build 611, latest Windows build as of this posting.


If I close it , all stop and ask to close the HiFi or close normaly but open and close again, I think that problem is with some texture, cause show UUID 0000-0000-0000-0000, this begin after upload a skeleton amber , I can not change the skeleton and this window dont stop: open and close open again and close , 5 - 10 seconds


I think you are not on a valid server. Go to domain sandbox.highfidelity.io , then it should work.


the last few days whenever i try to change body the viewer crashes.


I’ve not ever loaded another avatar and I see it on any domain, especially as I move through the world.


This should be fixed in the latest release. Please test it out and let me know.


Grabbed a new build (619) on PC. I no longer see this issue.


Fixed thanks :slight_smile: Chris


I’ll try HiFi again, I was stop cause this error