Whitespace below input field


It would be very nice if the field you use to post in this forum is get whitespace below it so you can scroll it more ip and see whst you type on table. Tight now with some luck i see the first line. everything else i type blind because it’s hidden under the virtual keyboard.

To see what you type you need to close it every time and open it again.:expressionless:


That’s no fun. What device and OS are you experiencing this behavior on?


windows 8.1 tablet in desktop mode. larger font. 1368x768 resolution. rotating the screen not fix the problem. keyboard still on top of the input fields.

Soon i go do the jump to windows 10. But that not solve the problem with the iforum input field location.


It appears this is a recent known issue in Discourse, and their devs are looking into a fix. One of their engineers was able to reproduce it. It may also happen to you in Windows 10 until they fix it.


One more question: what browser and version are you using on your Windows tablet?


Firefox , must be latest version. The not made things more easy the last years.

Running on windows 10 now.