Who is Dusty Wizard?


I bought an item of theirs called Doorbell in the Marketplace but I need to edit the script so I can change the sound. Dusty Wizard, please contact me!



You cannot change the sound in the userdate field of the object ?


Ok, I’m poking around in the dark here but I figured it out. There’s no sound in the UserData, it’s associated with the script


… so I grabbed that, edited it, and replaced it with my own sound.

I feel like utilitarian Marketplace items should be more easily customizable by a non-programmer like me. Am I mistaken?


You are certainly not being unreasonable in your expectation, but ultimately it is up to the individual dev. HiFi itself could probably put together a ‘Best Practice’ guide with this sort of thing for inclusion amongst its dev-docs, though.


Glad you were able to figure it out. Putting it in UserData would have been a smarter choice, I didn’t anticipate people would want to change the sound though that’s obvious really!