Who would be in favor to open portals between domains?


Have you played GTA 5 Online I think you’ll find that is a perfect example of the way world should be when it comes down to loading There is seen still but it’s one big open world with no loading screens In general It’s a good trick but has worked well in the past to Basically where all asking for instances that automatically load very quickly in some form There’s nothing wrong with portals to jump to a place quickly the in my eyes to It’s just another feature and the big blue box would happen magically so a big bonus in my book


If am understanding the sub-domain idea, it is a different server that would host clients that would not be a load on the domain’s server whether or not it is geographically separate from the main domain? For example you could have a penthouse restaurant on top of building in a larger city block. The restaurant interior would be in the sub-domain and the avatars there would be hosted on that sub-domain server, while the avatars on the street would be hosted on the domain server.

This would go a long way toward being able to model a city IMO. Now if the restaurant could be street level and have a view of what is going there through a window… That would be really something that would get me excited about creating a domain here in Hi-Fi.