Why are some FBX models not loading (also in blender)


Trying to find a house on internet :smile:
But, why are some FBX models not loading if i lopad them in blender the also don’t load.
In the autodesk FBX viewer the load fine, or sometimes look bad textured.

So FBX != FBX ? Eeek.


I’ve noticed the same, while doing the same thing, I assume… trying to find a free (or cheap) house for my little plot on Earth.

I presume that there’s FBX, and then there’s FBX done well… and these are not equal.

But yes, it is even possible to have a simple thing that you can see in Blender, but the FBX of it is invisible when loaded into HighFidelity. There are, from my Blender-noob perspective, only about a million subtleties to learn.


Yes, even currently:
There are various Version iterations, and the currently FBX documentation applies for FBX 2015.1. In additional there are two different methods of interpreting rotations (Max or Maya) in all these standards.

FBX format has gone through a number of revisions, each revision after 2012 are only backwards compatible to 2012. Earlier support has been a bit spotty, but you can use the FBX converter to upgrade these old fbx files.

Blender it self uses a reverse engineered 2012 revision as base reading for FBX (both rotation formats), while exporting only in max version. Only recently there has been a push as epic games gave a donation to blender foundation to get it updated

Like High Fidelity these projects have not been able to use the Autodesks SDK as it is proprietary license and would conflict with the open source nature of the projects, so right now they (both) have their own implementation of this complex beast.

More info at

Autodesks documentations,
And blenders reverse engineered ones



Last meetup @chris mentioned the use of OBJ files in HiFi. Since there wont be a need for animation data via bones for a home, why not just go that route?


The only down side of the obj format is that it doesn’t support vertex colours or shapekeys/blendshapes
Also some static object can also have armatures for animations (like my attempt at the teleporter at earth)
It also doesn’t seem to main the object scale and is additionally larger than the binary file.

Otherwise its very good for basic objects.


Just tried it, because the creator shipped it with .obj too
i have converted the .obj to fbx with the autodesk converter.

Checked the .fbx file in bleder and the autodeskl viewer. both are ok.
Upload it in high fidelity. Nothing… OBJ file size = 2MB the .fbx is <1MB

autodesk converted the obj sofar i can see to .fbx 2013

I tried OBJ, but the textures did not come with it, or the colors.
Think i tried obj with few things and the failed too.
mabey the uploader have some bug since the implemented the obj support ?


I was just about ready to try that yesterday, but the “upload” interface asked for a URL to an FBX. So, dopey me, I assumed it must be an FBX. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the stuff I would want to try to build and import would be static.


Ok, after fixing some typos in the url, high fidelity is veryu bad in giving feedback on fails.
unless you look on the log screen with tiny font, because the tiny font you still mis typos.

But, still not loading !

Add: Cool Build 2240 load the object.
Not suprissed if the cache creates problems again befoer too.


try adding ?<random_numbers> at the end of the url path if you are worried about cache.