Why can we still not run in high fidelity?


Why can we still not run in high fidelity ?

It’s so frustrating slow, Other platform you can already run.
Why is it still impossible in high fidelity ?


We can: https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/0df3dbd8-42b7-4c7c-8637-58ef10bb05db :purple_heart::running_woman::sunglasses:


Aaah. But something like this need to work default as basic implementation in high fidelity. Not something that gives people a headace.


I actually like the idea of scripts giving me the possibility to design my UI in a modular way, so that I have only the apps I need on the tablet and don‘t have to scroll through numerous pages in order to get to the script I‘m looking for.

Maybe this should be communicated better though - many new users probably regard the scripts section of the marketplace as some geek section and aren‘t aware that there are some basic functions to be found in there.


I think this has been announced in the last community meeting…
This was to be very soon if this is not for the next release.


Well, i just found in mexico by accident a way to run. Not sure if it’s new. But i like it.

Just press shift while walking.

No i try it on my xbon one controller and i cannot find any way to run. Why does it feel that things are always half done in high fidelity? :unamused:

Anyway not like the way the assigned controls to the xbox controller.

ADD: Oh other weird problem. if you run you cannot turn. :man_facepalming: