Why can we still not run?!


Well, i wanted to look at something else. But let’s move the avatar first. Hmm, walking is slow. LET’S RUN ! Double top cursor up. Not working.
Looking in help… WHaaa. still no run ?!

We need run for avatars, this walking is frustrating slow.
We can jump but not run ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Add run mode for avatar.


There were marketplace scripts for that if you didnt see them already not sure where they went though.

Ah, found it


Thought, they will add this to standard control, like @Ypsilanti mentioned:

Additional changes in the works:
•SPRINT - Shift + Direction<


Will this be included in VR? :slight_smile:


Floof Sprint works in VR.


I just looked it up. :slight_smile: tyvm! Im excited.