Why do I now always start at Welcome domain?


For the last few days, every time I login I start in the welcome area. I have changed settings here lately but my question is: what would cause this.

Up until a few days ago, I would appear at the place where I logged out. Now it is different, when ever I login, I start at the welcome area instead of the last place I was at. Anyone have any ideas?


Annoying isn’t it . I just want to log in at my own domain and build, instead I have to fein being happy to see the people in the welcome area. This situation can only get worse with the re introduction of facetracking .How am i expected to hide my revulsion on seeing these people I ask you…


Perhaps a chin mask?


BTW, I am not experiencing getting auto-routed to welcome on launching interface. I end up where I was when I logged off. This is with build 5909.

Looking in interface.json, I noticed a bit of evolution on the parameters. You can see the start location is in two places. My guess is that the Avatar/AddressManager/… entry is the latest encoding.

"AddressManager/address": "hifi://conference/1071,76.3,961.8/0,0.347416,0,0.937711",
"Avatar/AddressManager/address": "hifi://conference/1062,77.2,1026.4/-4.8e-05,0.03,1.7e-06,0.999",


I got this problem in the past.
Now i think the problem for me where that i did not do the hmd tour you get on the local sandbox i have normally not set. As long i did not do the HMD tour i could not login on the place i left.

Mabye something broke or get reset so people get back into this problem. Would be (not) nice if there’s no tour to do.


Ahhh. That explains it. Last week after using one of the PR builds, after reloading the current version I clicked on load updated default content to see the new stuff. I never got the tutorials to work, probably because I was in desktop mode.

I guess my question now is, how do I fix this? And maybe this is the cause of Steam VR starting up every time I run Interface.


Uhmm, plug your HMD in , i think you have one and do the tour , if you have it ?
Otherwise. I dont know right now.