Why does Hifi Need so many people with the same Avatars?


These questions are really directed at the people running HiFi. Why do they need so many of us in the Alpha? It seems to me that the users and HiFi team are at cross purposes.
I have not bothered with a domain name because at the moment it would be a waste of $20:00. I feel bad for relying on other people to buy the domain names but HiFi should have ironed out as many bugs out before charging people for a service that does not work.
I do not think any of the crew would be happy if they were sold stuff by any off us that did not work properly.
This is like being invited to a dinner and then being told you have to pay for the meal.
If you do not pay then you will not get any more invites.

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I am quite happy to have paid for my place names. I am betting on the success of High Fidelity. I also see that, beyond the technical part of the alpha phase of this work, there are also alpha issues in its development process, and that too needs debugging. I’ll give it time to gel, and by reporting on the issues, I believe these things will work themselves out. But definitely, reporting all the issues and frustrations is important feedback to the company.



You are happy but the people taking your money are even happier because they get to keep your money even if Hifi shuts down tomorrow. This is how modern day cooperative businesses make their money. Update after update with no real improvement yet we make virtual worlds the biguning and end all of everything now.
Don’t get me wrong but I am talking from past experience.
I joined Cloud Party which was a virtual world far more advanced than any VW I have been in 3 years ago.
It was in it’s beta stage and it has a lot of amazing capability.
When I joined the Cloud Party crew were responding to feedback quickly and postively. They were people that joined and paid a monthly fee to have their own private island.
Just before It shut down the crew stopped responded to user feedback. We had super trolls in the forum that made people want to leave the scene.
Some people worked for months making mesh and uploading.
We felt we were being done a favour by getting to upload for free.
Then just when we thought the Cloud Party was going to go live the crew sold it to Yahoo.
They got to keep every mesh model that we made and the money that people had paid for their own private land.
Cloud Party only had a crew of about 5 people and they worked much faster than the Hifi crew. It was not the crew I blamed for the ripping off our work but the big cooperative behind the crew dictating what to tell the humble peasants.
We all have acquired skills that we hope will help others out but often we are tricked into giving way those skills for nothing and hopping to benefit in the long run.

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Well @subongo, there are two sides. The developers also must live from somewhat and can’t work over month for nothing. And if they live only from donations, than often it dos end after some time, because the people go to the next world and don’t donate more so much. So the question is, how this both sides can come together in a good way. In Secondlife many great communities finally have ended, because they couldn’t pay more for the land. And this has brought much sadness their.

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Its right nobody has to pay for anything they don’t want, but I decided the take a punt on my new “CaptainMetaverseCafeOculusCoke/DisneyWankers” domain and as I see nothing can stop me.



Everybody sees Virtual Worlds differently. For many people the think they are going to live out their fantasies. For others they are just another social net works.
But social networks were communication is always a big challenge.
People can not work with the HiFi voice so they use Skype. This makes little economical sense with computer resources.
Many people find the whole idea of VW’s a waste of time and money. Few people make money worth shouting about.




People pay and join to be social learn and teach others. I have met many pleasant people
on Hi-Fi including you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have had a lot of help from you but never got to thank you because of the lousy voice service always cutting out.



I agree @subongo and to think choosing SKYPE of all things is just backpeddling as Skype has turned to crap the moment MS 'acquired" it.

If two people start talking at the same time in Skype, it merely cancels both out (to an extent) and causes “spotty” sound.
In HiFi the only thing you really have to worry about is local privacy and the fact that if 2 people talk at the same time, they are not cancelled out but, like real life, neither can be understood very well (and obviously neither of the 2 speakers are listening either)

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I do not use Skype much but every time I do the voice sounds fine to me. When I listen to the HiFi hour long video there was no sound break up from the guy doing the recording.
I think my problem with HiFi sound is only having 4GB Ram.