Why does Hifi not like this with blender?


I know i could expect problems with it. but blender did accept it without a pain this time. Only Hifi does not like it. I think@menithal or @judas know why.

If i have a shape like this, and fill that, it’s perfect in blender.

But high Fidelity is change that shape in something like the red lines show.

In other words, Hifi not follow the lines like blender is doing. A little bit annoying because it means extra edges,verticles and faces. and in this case realignment of texture.

Just curious if this normal. Or it’s something hifi does not handle correct ?
And yes, like i wrote i did know this would go wrong.

Lucky i now make things a bit more modulair, costs a few more draw calls. But makes creating so much more easy. and fixing things to.


I would guess u have a ngon there , a face with more than 4 verts.


That could be, i solved it by add some edges in the best way. it’s fixt for now. i love so far the new mesh things i made. and i get faster with it. and more efficient by working less efficient. :slight_smile: Means, i work more modulaior in small parts.


secondlife triangulates everything u upload, u could cheat and add a triangulate modifier.
or spend a lil time dividing it up neatly


I did that, it’s faster and nicer then how SL is doing it. oh i hate that SL dae


HiFi’s triangulator does not like concave polygons. You need to subdivide your stair-sides into non-concave polygons.


I just fixed it the simple way.