Why i dont use custom default script


Its told to me many times you can customize and configure the default script.
But i dont go do that at this stage high fidelity is. Why ?

High fidelity is still so alpha, Script can change from build to build.
If you use custom lookwithmouse.js or editentitys.js or not load the bad lobby.js. It still not reset sound volume when leavinh the lobby. You hit a wall of problems.

  1. You keep running old absolete buggy version to avoid everytime updating the scripts.
  2. You drive yourself nuts by updating and/or checking every time the scripts you modified.

It would be better if you can set parameters in the configuration file and that the scripts use parameters for some settings so interface.exe can replace the parameters with the right ones from the config file. its more like *i hope i say it right) php framework works.
Lets say you have $hifi_resetcamera that interface then replace for true or false that’s stored in the config file.

That’s why i don’t customize the scripts, to have always the latest scripts. Not always the best options too :smile: