Why I Just Removed My Leap Motion


tl dw - the oculus touch controllers are going to be EPIC


Really, Am not charmed about the oculus controller. especially the xbox stick are not nice. The are already so/so on the xbox one controller. Or high fidelity is not adhusted correct. a bit more deadspace would be nice on the xbox one controller.


I’m more excited that there is a little bit of finger and gesture tracking on the Touch Controllers, whereas on your Vive, there is none. That’s my point. Hence the Leap.


I think the vive pad have some finger tracking to. Otherwise how can you explain that in some game (forgot wich one right now) i see a dot on the virtual controller that moves when my finger moves on the pad.

It’s possible more something not implemented or documented.


It seems that the finger/gesture tracking looks binary, as if clicking on switches.


because your finger is on the pad; it knows where your finger is.

@Balpien.Hammerer, I hope it is less binary and more distance calculated like that thing you showed off earlier. But, I suppose we could just ask the devs, they’ve got them. :slight_smile:


I just checked it, because i played in the vive. it’s in the Vive screen.
And the dot moves pretty precise on the pad. So if that can be translated to high fidelity i think soem know to do intressting things with it. Or just experiment.

Besides the movement on the pad you still have the 5 buttons. on the pad too.


Tracking in Oculus Touch is total garbage - high input lag, lower accuracy and hardware consuming solution. This is “thanks” to IR camera (do you know what happense during heating of IR diodes? Yes! Tracking becomes much less inaccurate because background IR radiation increases!". In terms of accuracy and input lag Razer Hydra is much better.
Buttons? Seriously? Controllers from my HTC Vive has infinite number of buttons and gesture capabilities due to trackpad with accurate feedback. Oculus just needed to dont fire their engineer who designed laser based Lighthouse like solution and license steam controller trackpad. They could do it but didn’t. Oculus just cant make technical solutions - even Oculus Rift DK2 is just an earlier prototype of HTC VIve HMD which Palmer Luckey and John Carmack “adopted” from Valve before Oculus showed middle finger to Valve and community.


Oh when did u try the touch, and how did u compare lag?can you do a video demonstrating it?


I’d say it is less an issue or IR diodes heating up and a whole lot more to do with the sad fact that adding more and more IR light sources whether in multiple HMDs or hand, torso, leg trackers begins to overwhelm the camera - it does not scale well. The Vive’s lighthouse concept is a scalable design. Far better to have many sensors in a myriad controllers with only a limited number of orientation sources.


This video was made by Fantastic Contraption developer:

Just look at this awful input lag and extremely inaccurate tracking. Its much more similar to Kinect and PS Move.


Interesting shall watch
I was using the hydras with the rift and tiltbrush. The hydras are kinda old tek but I found no discernible lag with it kinda unexpectedly really. I think thats using magnets to track it. The only problem I had was my room wasnt big enough to do the room scale thing. This is going to be a real actual problem having enough space, I kinda think that was always the bugbear with the kinnect on the xbox. The trade off between whats possible and whats practical.
I’m not as lucky as you to have tried the touch controllers so will reserve judgment till I have


I have seen thoys with the hydras. i think the are fine.
Except the wires are a big problem. Still prefer the HTC vive controllers.


/me mocks richardus as his batteries run out :stuck_out_tongue:


:scream: That’s the only problem.


Sure whatever… I’m a hypocrite anyway as I’ve just put that damn hockey puck back upon my CV1. :smiley: There is something about hand tracking that once you’ve got it working (and @MichelleLeckrone might agree) it’s hard to give it up. I don’t think I lasted even much past one week.


Hydra is not an old tech - its revolutionary and very accurate technology for tracking with magnetic field. Similar but improved technology you can observe in Sixense STEM (Hydra was also made by engineers from Sixense), however STEM is not released yet and there are some strange things with release date. Anyway Razer Hydra is much more accurate than obsolete-before-release Oculus’s Constellation/Touch.


I haven’t tried the Touch have you?


That.s same with HMD. once used you not want without it.
But at the same time you not want to use it all the time.
And not want witoiut a desktop and a good text chat/IM system.

Right now the balance is far from perfect and complete broken.