Why I LOVE High Fidelity


We spend allot of time picking out the things that bug us about High Fidelity. It might give the impression for casual readers that we are unhappy. The truth is “I LOVE HiFi!” Put that on a T-shirt. I know all the Alphas and users are here for a reason. Back in May Ryan Schultz posted in his blog the things that HiFi does better than Sansar. We will use Sansar as an example, well, simply because they are the only real other competitor. Here is his blog:

He also posted another informative post back in January:

While we can all agree there are things that need to be improved on, let’s not be tempted to discuss this now. Instead, in this thread lets talk about what we love about HiFi and why we believe they are the game changers.

  1. I love the open source nature of High Fidelity. As time moves forward and HiFi grows this allows many developers to work on and improve HiFi. This encourages accelerated development and perhaps different implementations to emerge.

  2. The info-graphic says there are 150 HiFi registered domains to Sansar’s 850 experiences. This is a bit misleading since in HiFi EVERY user has their own domain called a sandbox. The term sandbox is a bit confusing. Every user has their own virtual world to build. The anonymous nature of these worlds is actually a big plus! You don’t necessarily want to share your world with everyone and you have that choice. I can see this feature being the greatest social VR feature of HiFi. Imagine teenagers in the future sending their sandbox address to their friends for a meetup in VR. This will be a common occurrence in the future. They will then go venturing out together in a virtual mall. This feature will bring separated family members closer to their families and clusters of clans and friends will eventually emerge. Imagine being able to visit with Dad who is performing duty in the middle east. No registered domain is required. This P2P feature is a huge plus!

  3. Not necessarily a feature that HiFi enjoys alone but there are so many tools to help us create. Thanks to the hard work of the Alphas there are so many useful forum entries on using these tools to get content up and running in an efficient manner. They have been busy for over four years creating and experimenting. The rest of us get the benefit of their insights. The community in HiFi is top rate.

  4. HiFi runs on Linux and Mac OS X! Mac still has allot of work to do to allow VR but the interface works.

  5. Blockchain… most people think about digital currency but the blockchain is much more than that. It provides proof of identity and non-repudiation. This to me is a requirement to create a safe ecosphere for VR.

  6. VR implementation is more forward thinking. The adaption of technologies like VIve Trackers (to name one) expands the possibilities of immersion.

  7. Javascript provides a robust and mature scripting environment. No need for developers to learn a language that is not usable elsewhere.

Well that’s a starting place for me… what do you love about HiFi?

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I think this days that’s not complete correct. Every user can have it’s own sandbox. As far i know steam users only get the high fidelity client. No sandbox anymore default. Also the downoad link is default the one without sandbox.

  1. Why High fidelity is better, Things are done better then in sansar. I ignore for the thread the things that still need to be really done.

  2. It’s the VR platform i started with, and gives still a feeling like SL. Realtime is just important, it make creating and testing ore easy.

  3. You have control over the costs, you can run your own sandbox. You can also decide to shut it down at night etc.


That should be changed… it’s actually one of the big selling points.


The changed it to this. As far i now it where a problem for users that the sandbox got installed by default. I did not liked it to at the first and last time i tried high fidelity on steam. Most user in the future will be visitors. Some want to run own domain. Others want to rent some space on other domain.

So that’s good thing Nr.4

  1. You can choice how you want to run High Fidelity.
    In desktop mode with or without sandbox. Or from steam,
    only the client.


Agreed, choice is always a good thing… :grin:


I tried last week Sansar and HiFi at the same time and I found Sansar still far too inadequate for me (even if apparently more sexy). Here are some of the points where HighFidelity excels in my opinion in comparison to Sansar.

  1. Domains are incrementally loaded, i.e. quite rapid to skim. When you change domain you start seeing something quite soon, so you can decide if you want to stay there or try something else.

  2. You can easily FLY. So far as I know Sansar doesn’t let you fly. This is a big loss in virtual world.

  3. Building is in real time, so you can check what you are doing without complex compile, deploy, reload process,

  4. It runs on MacOS (and lately i read also on linux) so it is much more inclusive.

  5. You can access it even without the central control of HighFidelity. No need to have a central authority. Not completely sure, but it is probably true that if HighFidelity Inc will disappear we can still go on using our domains at least using the domain long name or the ip address (is it true?) and maybe we can preserve even our identities if the blockchain is actually holding it (is it true?).

  6. You can SIT on chairs (!) I had an argument with a Sansarian who didn’t understand the benefit of sitting, since there is not something similar in Sansar. I’m reading they are going to allow sit in the future, but still not there.

  7. Albeit scripts are a bit complex to write they are quite efficient and fast.

And yes it is needed to have good feeling posts and not only complaining posts. I totally agree with a positive view. But please do not underestimate some of the improvements or mistakes that are still in the platform.

I Dont want to cover all the “cahiers of doleances” we already discussed most of them, but maybe much can be traced to the excess of opensource platform nerdiness. To really enjoy the platform one needs to be quite (deep) technical.


I love it… :heart:


Your missing one. It’s alpha not tried it but, copied this from website

High Fidelity now supports all Daydream-ready phones


So far I changed my mobile to be able to test HF with it. Cannot agree it is a strong point however, since it doesnt allow for good interaction. You could not (some weeks ago) change your appearance and you were stuck in being a mannequin. Probably this is why I unconsciously forget it :slight_smile: Let me try now if it works better. Ok I tried again right now and the very frustrating thing is that I can only see from top view. How can I switch back to frontal view? If anybody knows about that please help. While clicking on the mic and the left arrow does work, it does nothing if clicking on the “top view” glyph. Maybe some small help can be useful in the app. I have a Huawei Mate 9 Pro if that can be of interest.


This is a bug that will be fixed soon! And we’re constantly working on enabling more functionality on Android, it’s just a matter of time before you can do everything you can do on the desktop version :smiley:

  1. You can test very quick mesh entities you made straight from HDD without doing any upload. Sad that the cache and missing reload button makes this super option so difficult.


Thanks… The mobile thing can be a quite good winning asset for HF to be used with a mobile, this can help in educational usage. So far only Lumiya was available for SecondLife, which was quite a good software, but I can see a lot of value in having a native Android application for HF. :slight_smile:
Can you just tell me when it will start working again with my mobile?


The fix should be in RC 74. I also think the bug only affects you if the app starts in Top View. If you clear your app data or redownload, you should start in the normal view and be able to switch normally.


I reinstalled (redownloaded) totally yesterday but it was not working, now I cleared the appdata and it finally reset :slight_smile: Thanks.


I LOVE High Fidelity, because of its mature community and the endless possibilities.
I can just talk to the devs and the founders like normal people, noones hiding or behaving entitled.
It is just mindblowing and a great time to be alive.