Why is ESC -> pause and not to escape some action


For some reason the pause function is moved to the ESC key. but ESC you always press when you want to reset camera as example. or get out of a bad camera position. unselect something etc.

But you not expect a pause screen.

At the other side, escapde from HMD device… :laughing: in cae your forced to use it.
SHame that apple not have a PAUSE key, because that is the real key you would use on pc for the pause function.


Well, considering that the @ctrlaltdavid 's inspect script changes never really made to the master, its probably because they expect the inspect camera to always reset to its place after the user releases the alt button.

The Pause functionality it self is bound to the away.js script, if you disable this is should stop doing it if you do not like it., then the inspect script will work as it used to :slight_smile:


When I wear my tinfoil hat I wonder about stuff like this. Some things that seem obvious and no brain, get no action by HiFi as company. I can understand if there are other plans … but other times it almost seems different.


OMG the ALT key, a very annoying key in high fidelityu. you make a screen duimp. pop a menu apears. you open the script editor , plop a menu appears. The need to change that ALT key before more users get in.


The pause functionality really need to get removed from the ESC key. becasue when your in edit mode and used the required functionalit under the “F” key. you can only get out of it with the ESC key.

“F” key -> doing things -> ESC -> Annoying pause functionalit -> ESC again -> camera reset and object not selected anymore. Perfect, except the pause part.


Again as i said just remove the away.js script. Most hotkeys are bound to scripts.


Hmmmm… has someone created what amounts to a style guide? Something that lists what sorts of hotkeys are a good idea and what sorts are not, while also listing what the usual keys are expected to do, so someone doesn’t accidentally use one that’s already tied to something important or to one of the basics? Something like that would of course also mention the fact that Esc should be always reserved for exitting out of something, and never should be used to turn something on or such.


Back to the ESC key problem. It’s still linked to the annoying pause. Instead it keeped free to Escape something.

In the case when in edit mode and you want to get out of the ‘F’ Camera mode, you press ESC, what happens , stupid pause.

Another important thing that is stil ignored.
Instead it where fixt before the public beta.