Why is hifi so difficult?


I have just come back into hifi after being away while waiting for things to improve. I have heard that things are better from an email I received but all told things appear to be the same as before.

For example:
I found that my domain server had to be updated to Ubuntu 15.04 but I had to search all over to find enough bits and pieces of information to get the servers to compile.

After I got my domain running I inserted a model that I had used before and I cannot figure out how to rotate it into position so I stopped interface and restarted. Now the model is not visible but I see the green box.

The documentation page for hifi looks substantially the same as before with the same info which is now even more out of date and scattered.

At this point I gave up on hifi once again. I’ll come back 'round again later to see if there is any new hope.



You are not the only one that feels like this


Amen.This is major turn off for many.


Do come back again later; Or stay around and constantly voice your concerns, maybe even give more accurate details on what should be addressed with the documentation to improve on it.

The fact is that there is not enough noise being made, about difficulties someone has and alot of the time the main developers and engineering types will over look some stuff that seem for them already be mundane, (Compiling, all the dependencies (Im still having issues my self), Having a general idea how everything works (what is a domain, how do assets work, etc), and all the tid bits involved and so forth) Most of the current development at this stage is focusing on features, and not on stability. We should be giving extensive feedback, so that something is done about them, because otherwise its going to fade away from memory with more fancy features.

Sure occasionally someone barks something, but only a handful are really staying around to try to improve things or communicating that these issues exist.

For example this thread, do list the specific documentation that you are looking into or want to know. Someone somewhere may have already done it and knows it, but does not know who wants to know or where to put his knowledge in.

Such issues with the documentation could rally the community to answer the questions, instead of waiting for the developers, who are busy working on features to read the forums.

There is a lot of knowledge already in this community, but it has not fully communicated, because people do not really know what others want to know: and by the time they are answering, the people asking those questions are already long gone.


I hear ya Menithal. At present I can’t see ANYTHING in MOST areas and transparencies are FAILING BIG TIME.

I am furious, and quickly becoming discouraged over this. I fought like hell to attempt to understand the encrypted language of gamers/graphics addicts but now it’s gone a bit too far to almost totally PRECLUDE ME from being able to work here.

My job is in filming and recording what is there. If nothing shows up, it can’t be recorded and my job is redundant.


I keep getting a NOT CONNECTED. The last 2 updates has rendered my unable to connect. Suggestions? thx


If you are logging back on to a build that might be down then you will get the NOT CONNECTED message. Try going to a different build. You can try clicking on diffrent build by clicking the image links here https://highfidelity.com/


Thank you kindly Subongo, that did it.


@Meninthal I have complained and suggested quite a bit. I even wrote some documentation. Basically, I never saw any signs that anyone that had the access to do anything did anything. I just keep seeing a system that gets more and more sophisticated (complicated ??) making it harder and harder to figure out. The lack of decent documentation makes the situation far, far worse. I just cannot understand why someone who creates a system and opens it up for test does not put forth the effort to make the system understandable. I keep getting the feeling that the developers do not want casual users. Kind of a snob appeal thing.

Feel free to look through the forum for my posts.



I get that feeling a bit, too.

Then again, I’m horribly condescending when there’s something that I understand that someone else does not yet understand. So this plays to my ego nicely.

I’m somewhat kidding with the above, but also a little ashamed at how much of it is true.

I do kind of expect it to be divisive (elusive, exclusive, obnoxious), while it is still alpha. By the time it is beta, I expect the just-how-brilliant-must-you-be-to-get-started bar to be lower. Like, an order of magnitude lower. And I’m still hopeful that’s possible. But given that there isn’t a lot of evidence that it’s moving in that direction, I have more doubt than hope.


When Steve Jobs 1st saw the Mouse that Xerox created mouse couldn’t move diagonally, it didn’t have overlapping windows, nor even dialogue boxes.
I understand from another thread that Hifi are adding more functionality to the mouse pointer.


it moves, it points, it has three buttons and a scroll wheel… what else could you possibly hope for? all the functions USED to work before this unnecessary expansion.


I think we all need a break from Hifi until they make some announcement. It is not fun being a guinea pig. I am not happy with the bad sectors I have on my hard drive. I probably got them when I ignore the virus warning I get when I use the stack manager to fire up the Interface.


Is it really that difficult? I come here only with skills learned in SL and Open Sim and find it so interesting to see the development of this project from the inside. Maybe artists prefer unfinished… hmm under development things ? and i like  that daily i have to learn more about this 3D VW medium. I’m not technically capable of solving any of the problems on the work list but here’s my wish list

~ fix the HiFi .fbx avatar importer for a Blender exported .fbx
~ change the CSS  in the Tools window - it looks cool but black font on white bkgrnd please  - see www eye visibilty guidance
~ get the emtity/zone tools to work in a stable manner
~ documentation - would a wiki provide a better means of updating worklfows?


Since I can’t edit anything because of the big black rectangle thing that hides my view, I decided to just play around. Donned my Oculus DK2 and that was fun.

But, yes, interface has accrued a threshold level of bugs that makes it really hard to do anything. The stack manager has also accrued a bunch of bugs that need to be fixed. maybe then earth will come back online. It’s alpha, Devs need to go out of shiny mode and fix things, so I’ll just chill and wait for an all-clear announcement and go visit the pretty domains that are up.

BTW, the latest builds brought back a sane cursor, fixed editing widgets to be in front of everything, so some fixes have happened.




I kinda think alpha software should be buggy and prone to crashing. We should also have a series of weird things being tried and tested.
Yes its annoying yes it gives us the rage, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
I remember when we first finished coding @thoys he was a little buggy and to be honest the accent still could use some work. But the resistance in the community when he was first built into the viewer. Why do we need a thoys, secondlife dosent have a thoys whey do we need a thoys.Then there were the thoys denialists and the say no to thoys protests.
But it took a little time but most of us now accept thoys.


@Judas By definition an alpha test is for working out bugs. Also, by definition this is not really alpha test. It is more construction project without a hard hat. If it is desired to have testers testing there should be well defined stable pathways that work day in and day out to the working face.

Also, what the f… is thoys? Is that something useful? Where is it mentioned in the docs? Should it be tested? What parts need testing? Or is this just some inside joke intended to distract?


It really is an alpha test you are an alpha ^points to the alpha forum url.
Thoys is an ai construct a bot if you will . a simulation of artificial intelligence


@Judas you are bloody crazy… don’t ever change! lol