Why is High Fidelity not a Universe?



I have heard many ask why it is not like this,myself curious as well, about traveling in between worlds and galaxy’s.
many like the idea of having a world in a solar system, full of neighbor plants you can fly off to visit exploring and discovering.


I still think High Fidelity is a galaxy. and travel between world’s must be possible. The only need to figure out how.

Just idea, you take off from your planet, uhmm domain. (hmm domain is not round :O)
Then when your far enough from your planet it need to switch tom some void. and remove you from your domain. When you approach other domain from the void. you get connected to that domain and can land on the planet.

But, easy to type. lot’s of work to figure out how to code.


High Fidelity is better then a universe, its a metaverse! :smiley:



Is that philosophical reply?


Gates might work for some,many might want to sail the solar winds across the galaxies on a ship, butterfly or whatever they imagine.



Do not really like gates. Flying more fun !


I understand portals, but like the video, many would like to fly out of worlds they might have into a vast outer space maybe to a nearby moon or beyond in a life like manner.


@Starry_Supernova - Jokingly philosophical, yes. But then again:

[The word metaverse is a portmanteau of the prefix “meta” (meaning
"beyond") and “universe” and is typically used to describe the concept
of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D
virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.]


I think, and this is just my opinion, that the main thing is we need to have a small space working within a 32K cubic KM domain working well first - then a well populated 32 cubic KM domain - then think about how the “planets”, “solar systems” and “galaxies” connect into a cosmos. Right now there’s enough trouble with trying to stabilize a fraction of an isolated world’s space to something usable let alone thinking of grander things. Baby steps. :wink:


I looked into Dual, it’s a very nice game/universe. I especially like the rescaling that happens as you cross thresholds. To do this in HF today you need a number f facilities not available at this time, something several people have asked for too. The tools that are here are zones. Zones permit re texturing the infinity look, so concentric zones would do the sky scene for on-planet look. Another zone further out could repaint the near planet look (stars). But the problem is that zones do not have the ability to derender what is inside, so the inner zone can’t hide the scenes inside them. This is a huge gap in capability here. Also, zones are cubes not spheroids, which also makes it much harder to do the cool scenes of dual. Again this could be doable in principle here but it is not implemented and there is no statement of direction about that. I suspect that if a high end game development company made a request and with sufficient earnest money, it would happen :slight_smile:

Finally an outer zone could be scripted to teleport the ship to another domain which houses another planet in the solar system or another star, etc. The big issue here is that the only teleportation capability in HF are avatars and not objects, so that too needs to be developed. Also needed is the ability to play a custom transition effect during the teleportation sequence, and that too is not available.

So, yes, all this could be done to make the cool look of Dual, but a lot of the basic infrastructure is simply not here. Moreover anyone trying to make it work would have to do some serious customizations of both the interface client app and the server code base.


  • Spheroid Zones
  • Zones need to be able to hide content inside of them (as seen from outside the zone)
  • Scripted (trusted script) Teleportation of objects and avatars to another domain
  • Custom transition effects (both VFX and SFX) attachable to teleportation
  • View rescaling of zone interior with a smooth rescale transition distance band


Life[quote=“OmegaHeron, post:11, topic:11535”]
let alone thinking of grander things

Not sure it is so far fetched, considering other projects are doing it,while its really something most people expected,even early 2ndlife new people tried to fly up into the sky thinking they could leave into outer space they expected it to be there and that was what close to 15 yrs ago.


Thanks for the informative answers on my questions, its very helpful.


Thanks for the reply, that might be one set of reasons then i agree.:slight_smile:


Because space is booooring! :wink:


Cool story Bro!:wink:


I say that as one who also has a penchant for zipping from planet to planet in a little spacecraft. But without sci-fi tricks like wormholes and warps, it does have the potential to be rather… spacious… out there!

I am currently leaning my personal preference towards “infinite featureful plane” with plenty of ‘space’ above so everything is convenient but you can still fly there :grin: (it’s VR, so no need to comply with our own mostly-boring universe!). How to have a point-source ‘sun’ in such a universe is problematic both because there is no meridian in infinity and nothing to come-up or go-down against! It does make gravity easier, though (down is linear, not polar)


Think of the massive interplanetary roleplay that would pop-up not to mention people forming factions,some even interplanetary warfare, while some might offer spacestations in between with shopping malls loaded with real world products you can test in VR. it could be a wild west were anything is possible with bitcoin like currency offering opportunity like early to middle 2ndlife years but opensourced without the flaws.


HeHe, get some exiting feeling. Not sure why but the idea is nice.