Why is High Fidelity playing with my mouse pointer at startup?


It start to get a bit boring.
Why is high Fidelity playing with my mouse pointer at startup
and move it away from what i am doing ? With the result that i always lose track.


oh yeah i hadn’t even noticed that but now i 2 am annoyed by it retrospectively


There is a lot of focus locking and modal popups in the Interface at present, forcing input before you can carry on. an example is the username/password pane that forces itself up occasionally. That all must go before this becomes prime time.


@Ai_Austin Thats still not fixt ? lucky i dont see it to much. Theres lots broken / missing.


@judas this happen for a long time. Always tried to ignore it. but it start to get annoying. Maby you start HiFi and just wait. then its harder to spot. But when you start HiFi let hifi load and go to other program meanwhile (normal way of pc use) then you see it many times.