Why is it important to track your Eyes


There’s good reasons for VR headsets first reason is depth of focus/depth of field what is a pretty important thing
Also the computer can tell what you’re looking at and increase the interaction with you like with avatar or object on anything really

And when you’re talking to somebody with your eyes it’s a much closer thing

This is one example from a new team called fove

Did you see somebody you recognise there

This is a basic example avatar at them looking at you

Another way you can interact with your eyes is using 3-D web cams like the real sense one and others to get much accurate results

… To be continued


Im still skeptical of FOVE due to their marketing strategy (Seriously, after seeing their Kickstarter backing ads -everywhere-, I dropped my support off the project. The design of the thing might not fit my head (I am a bit big headed, I know) ) And after fiasco with STEM and PriorVR, Ill wait this one out till its in the market.

Id want to see it to believe it considering how fast the eye actually does move.

In anycase, yes, eye tracking is quite important, and at some point it will get to a really awesome state.

However, I will continue keeping my eyes on this.


Also in line with this: “I had the chance to demo foveated rendering on an Oculus DK2 sporting a pair of Eyefluence sensors positioned on either eye, and the key thing is I didn’t really notice anything, and that’s awesome. Until the resolution was drastically reduced and things got totally blurry I was just looking around while only the area at the center of my focus being fully processed.”