Why is my avatar frozen in form?


My avatar is frozen with arms straight out.


How can this be fixed?

I can move about and fly, but only as a frozen avatar.



Does it have a skeleton ?


My avatar is one of the blue forms folk begin with now.


This is what I think happened and my suggestion how to fix it.

At some point you might have decided to try out an avatar. You do this by going to the menu Settings/Avatar… That brings up the avatar window. Now what likely happened is that you inadvertently (and this is all too easy to happen) entered something in the “Avatar animation JSON” field. In this example I entered some junk characters. If you do that, even if you enter spaces, that will override the default animation. To fix this, scroll down the window. That very thin vertical bar that looks like an adornment is the scroll bar. Click on the animation field. Press ctrl-A keys to highlight everything on that field. Press the Delete key to eliminate everything. When you do that the words Default will appear in the field. Click on the Save Changes button. Your avatar should now be animated.


Have to say I’m impressed with the level and tone of support from the Alphas. So many new users, so many questions, and so much consistent help.


Thanks Balpien ~ That worked. ~ Ya never know what technical challenge lurks around the corner in High Fidelity. ~ Starfarer


Glad to read your problem is fixed. There should be a check mark somewhere in the post. If there is, click on it as it indicates the problem was resolved.

BTW, to the devs, the Haikru. Just about every app I know treats all blanks or whitespace in a field the same as a null field. I strongly urge you guys follow that design pattern in interface since it prevents this kind of problem. Thanks.
cc: @Jess @Caitlyn


Checked ~ and mate. ~ Thanks for the help.