Why is the easy 1 click option to set a domain private removed?


Ok, because i wanted to test something. without visitors i want to set the domain private. But heee, there’s no switch anymore todo that with one click.

It seems we need to change lot’s of checkboxes now for a basic functionality that we did have before. The new Domain-Wide User Permissions is good, but please can we have the single private / public option back ?

It’s now like you exchnaged your car with electric locks that close all doors with 1 click. For a car where you need to check every door manual if it’s locked or open.


you just need to uncheck ‘anonymous’ and ‘logged-in’ - in the ‘connect’ row, that should work.


I know, but the one click option to quick open or close a domain where so much nicer and faster. and more error proof too. That it would be nice to have back.

Also in emergency cases one button works nicer then digging to checkboxes.