Why is the log full of this message. You can call it log spam


I see way to much this error in the log.
it makes finding the parts you want hard.

[03/19 14:14:44] [WARNING] [default] QWindowsContext::windowsProc: No Qt Window found for event 0x1c (WM_ACTIVATEAPP), hwnd=0x0x206c2.

The log is filled with this around 40%
It happens with mouse click. A bit overdone log reporting


Looks like it happens when a child window is clicked in any application. My guess it that this must be the widgets that pop down from the menu?


You could try “find and replace”, putting in that string, and replacing it with nothing. That should clean up your logs.

Should also be easy to filter-out client-side as well; maybe make a github issue?


They did improvements a while back to the console
you can now filter the logs using the secondary and primary filters and tune out the ones you don’t need like the qt errors


Still not like to work with the log window. i reverted back to my own way to basic reader.

Just because the blurry font and font size are to tine. and magnifier is not reading well to.