Why is the tablet not rotating


Why is the tablet not rotatung in desktop mode when you use create. In VR it’s rotating and makes the list option much better.

Only a bit useless, because never build in VR but use desktop. And there the tablet not rotate and add another - to the create side of high fidelity.

Still better to replace the whole tablet in desktop mode fir somethi g better.


You still have tablet in desktop mode? everyone imo has a old menu and the windows when they are in desktop, unless they turn on the tablet for desktop


I think in the next version, ‘create’ will have its own window.


No tablet ? how do you turn it off. That tablet is following me for a few years.

Since when is it changed?
And how do i change it ?



Enable developer menu: Settings > Developer Menu
Use toolbar etc. instead of tablet: Developer > UI > Desktop Tablet Becomes Toolbar


Aha. that setting i use for long time.
But you still get the tablet when you click one buttons.


In desktop mode, with Developer > UI > Desktop Tablet Becomes Toolbar, you click on a toolbar button … and the tablet is displayed?! I get dialogs displayed. (No tablet bezel or “x” button bottom centre, “x” top right, some dialogs resizable by handle bottom right.)


Aha yes. communication errors :open_mouth:

I call that still the tablet, because it’s still the tablet, works the same like the tablet. the only removed the outer frame.

But it does not rotate when you open Create -> List you cannot resize the window to. And the (X) is very hard to see. With the wrong background.

Sorry for the mis communication at some part.


Yes, the dialogs look the same in the tablet and the desktop windows (such as the Create dialog in your screen snap).

You can resize the Create dialog in desktop mode: click and drag the 3 diagonal bars icon at the bottom right of the dialog in the semi-transparent area.


Ohh, the problem is the edge is having a big opacity. So i do not see lr very hard see the symbols on my screen. A better contrast would be nice.

Still wish that the window did remember it’s position between relogs.