Why my purchases are still marked unconfirmed after days?


Is there something I’m doing wrong since when buying the environment from the marketplace they are still marked as pending? Clicking the ? it says it should take no more than 90 seconds.
See: the snapshot:


They are still marked pending after 5 days. Yesterday at the bank hours the teller told me they are working on this and soon the problems will be fixed. Let’s check in next days… :slight_smile:


hi @claudio.pacchiega, I’ve got a reply of this topic from the support team. Here is what they answered me:


Thanks for the heads up. We are aware of the issue and the dev team is working to resolve it. Thanks for your patience!

Have a good day,
The High Fidelity Team

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Since two weeks all my transactions go to “pending”…
Is there any eta when this is gonna be resolved?


My stuff arrived today - wallet and marketplace history looks fine now. I thought it was fixed in general, maybe it comes in waves.


Ah - this sounds promising :slight_smile:
Mine was still broken / stacking up the pending numbers yesterday…
So hopefully all will be fine soon :purple_heart::sunglasses: