Why no new updates on windows?


Jenkins tells me we’re at 1024 but I haven’t seen an update since 1015?


i think the devs are on tour with chris to some event. ? but yes. very quite with updates.


There should be updates. Leo is having a look


Thanks chris, check again tommorrow. just checked and nothing happend.


Manual updates, maybe? As in, browse to the Interface downloads page?


The download page has two icons, mac & windows, I clicked the windows link and it started to download 1015 again, so I stopped the download. As far as I know, there’s not a page where all the previous bins are kept, maybe on GitHub? In any case, I’m sure they’ll hunt down the glitch and we’ll all be running the latest version (for a few hrs or so until the next update…lol) soon enough.

Edit: Just for giggles I installed 1014 hoping it would trigger interface to prompt me to upgrade to a newer version, but it didn’t seem to care, and didn’t prompt me to update, so I reinstalled 1015.


Hey guys. Thanks for reporting this. There was a bug in our package deploy process. The issue has been fixed. As of right now, the latest Windows release is 1025.


Just got 1026 , thanks.


The latest version for the win build is available via…

The previous and specific numbered builds are available via a URL of this form…


Both redirect to the relevant amazon S3 cloud URL for the .exe file.