Why virtual reality is important to me



I am diagnosed PTSD, depression and social anxiety.



Hi @Asadorable, just saw your vid on youtube and wonder, what chat app you are using? Looks like it is somthing from HF?

Thanks, cheers




Hey there, Skimi.
To answer your question, I was using HiFi. The chat that you saw on the right side of the screen was a Twitter room. Tha Phlash has a VIP Twitter Room that accommodates 50 people. I discovered that you can access twitter from within HiFi, thus allowing me to access Phlash’s Twitter room. You can pin it to the screen whilst still moving around in HiFi.

I hope this helps.





Not sure why it’s not a sharable domain, yet all the permissions are checked.


Hey again, Skimi

Also, you can go to the Marketplace and get the Web script, which will enable you to browser the web within HiFi.
I’ve just done it, so it works that way too.



thanks @Asadorable - I’ll check it out, when back at home :grinning:


That’s because it’s probably “just” your sandbox.
To get a sharable domain you have to register a name with High Fidelity and organize its hosting.


Hello there.

Mm, before my sandbox worked allowing Judas to come in and I was able to snap from then.
Now, nada.
But yes, it is prolly -just- a problem on my end, though unfortunatly there seems to be a lacking actual -cause- as to why.
Just because I haven’t registered a domain name, and using the temp domain name, this shouldn’t occur.
I didn’t read anywhere or have been told that to be able to have a shareable sandbox/domain, I would have to pay. I was told that using my own machine for free, was allowed.



You can find your snapshots as images in the snapshot folder & share them by yourself.
You just can’t share them directly from HiFi to the timeline or to Twitter if they aren’t taken in a registered domain.


But if you find out how it works to directly share snapshots from the sandbox - please post it here :purple_heart::sunglasses:


Update as of 9:35am this morning:

Judas showed up in my domain.
Still unable to share snaps or create a snap.



Just to add:

Regarding the snaps, even unable to share to the snaps feed or blast.
What I don’t understand is that even though, now as of this morning, Judas is standing in my sandbox, yet still unable to share a snap.
So, if Judas is able to get into my sandbox and I set it to open, I would reckon that it would also be shareable.
It’s confusing.
But the joys of Beta life.



The ability to share snapshots & to link directly to a location is HiFi‘s incentive for people to get place names registered for a small fee (20$/year).
DomainNameServing is their way to monetize all their hard work & investments.
IMHO that‘s really fair as I still get 32km^3 to build in for free and can still share the location of my sandbox & the snapshots taken in there manually.