Wich file stores the metavoxels?


@thoys , @judas and me made a bit metavoxel mess on my domain. with the idea the dissapear after restart. Well, the dont dissapear, thats offcorse good.So placed my old svo files back but no luck, the metavoxels are still there.

In wich file are the metavoxels saved, so you can easy restore the terrain back to older state.


this sounds like @thoys fault to me
im going to guess their in voxels.svo as i don’t have any voxels on my domain but theirs stuff written in there


Metavoxels live in metavoxels.dat in the cwd of your assignment-client.


lol @judas, if something can be messed up, im sure it can be fixt to.
thanks @leo. removed metavoxels.dat problem solved.


Why not in same place as .svo files @leo? To ease backup and restore of a domain’s content.

I.e. put it one level down in resources/metavoxels.dat


Question i asked myself to @Ai_Austin , its a bit strange to have all files in one directory but not the metavoxel file.