Wich script is used to look around in mouselook (right mouse button)


Wich script is used to look around in mouselook (right mouse button)
I need to modify the script, so i don’t need to gold the right mouse button asll the time and gives useless extras stress on my hand and fingers, that already slowing me down. it’s nicer if you can toggle it on and it stay on.

But wich script is used for that ? mouselook.js seems not to have any rigth mouse button detection sofar i see.

Unless things are so extreme changed that i need to look at lines like this ?

var right = findInput("Right").channel;


The “right click and drag” to look around behavior is a part of the default mapping in KeyboardMouseDevice.

However, it’s completely customizable. In fact, mouselook.js actually does exactly what you want by turning off the right click and making it so you can just move your mouse. If you have mouselook.js running, you should be able to toggle it with shift+m. The script is a work in progress so it doesn’t work perfectly (the mouse shaking in the center being a main issue), but I’m going to continue working on it so let me know if you want any other additions (or if it doesn’t work, I haven’t tested it in a while).


Sorry, only right click and drag works. i tried shift-m , ctrl-m, alt-m but nothing happens mouseLook.js is running by default. unless you talk about different mouselook.js


Hm ok I can take a look at it and try to fix it. Which OS?


Windows 10 is the operating system.