Wierd, annoying issue in forum with browser back-button


Not sure if this would go under Bugs or under Meta here, since it might or might not be a bug, but its not a bug with HiFi or anything… I’m not sure if this is a bug with the forum software, or if this is a bug with the Firefox web browser.

I have https://alphas.highfidelity.io/latest pinned as a tab in my browser. Frequently I’ll click on one of the threads listed as new (as in new thread, or existing thread with new posts in it), and then after I read it, I hit the browser’s go-back button to return to the main Latest view again (well, actually, I click a button on my 5-buitton mouse that does the same thing), from there I then select the next item showing new stuff in it. However, sometimes when I click the go-back button on my browser, it instead pops me to one of the threads I was looking at a moment before, instead of going back to the main Latest page, and now shows THAT as the earliest thing in that tab’s history. Since this is now the first item in the history of that tab, (and clicking go-forward takes me again to the thread I just came back from), I literally have no choice but to create a brand NEW tab from scratch, place https://alphas.highfidelity.io/latest into the URL field, pin THAT tab and then unpin and X out of the other.

This is a really, really annoying bug… and it seems to happen completely at random. Is anyone else experiencing this? oO

Any idea what’s going on here?


That was the forum updates last week, is a bit annoying


Well, it’s been doing this thing occasionally for some time, for weeks and weeks. Just not very often. It’s as if the forum system is getting confused when I go back a page, and instead of presenting me with the page I had come from before, it randomly plops me down on some other page instead. Just about always its one of the other threads I was looking at earlier.