- An open,community operated Wiki


Hello all!

I’d like to announce, a community-owned & operated wiki dedicated to the metaverse as expressed on the High Fidelity platform.

Please, come contribute!

Suggested pages that we could use:

  • Place name directory
  • Unofficial beginners’ guide
  • Tips & tricks
  • Links to content
  • Your favorite scripts

If you are an active community member and would like to play a role in moderating or operating the wiki, please send me a DM. is an entirely community owned and operated Wiki and not operated by nor funded by High Fidelity, inc.

[SCRIPT] How do i get entityID outside click function

History would be cool. About the Zero Alpha (@thoys) and a bit about some of the firsts, like the first concert, etc.
I will oversee some of that if the other alphas will help.


I am happy to help organize it and contribute.


In Friday’s meetup, @Caitlyn said she was going to look into setting up a user wiki?


High Fidelity, the company, won’t be running a community wiki for now, but we absolutely encourage and support the emergence of an ecosystem of information resources, like this and other wikis.


Well, no reason at all that if hifi eventually create a wiki page themselves that we couldn’t mirror between this one and theirs, or something.