Will High Fidelity run on Future Macs?


Not long after I upgraded to MacOSX “Mojave” I noticed that Open GL apps were not performing as well, “snowballing” and freezing up, including Firestorm (opensimulator and Second Life), Meshlab and High Fidelity. Then I learned of the roadmap to dump Open GL in favor of Metal. Several 3D communities are in an uproar, but otherwise planning for the future.

How is High Fidelity going to deal with this?

MacOS new version showing vertical bars :(

Yep, I upgraded to “Mojave” yesterday and in the town hall just now I had all sorts of problems. I just thought it was a shitty internet connection. Now I know.


Apple is disaster at times.
The go deprecating OpenGL and OpenCL.
So platforms have 2 options. Dump apple support for software.
Or the need to spend extra time on viewer that support Metal. Mabye Vulcan works to. No experience with Vulcan (or apple)


My recommendation would be to look into using WebMetal (previously named WebGPU) as a cross-platform API that is designed to work with devices ranging from low-end mobiles to high end desktops.

It has wide industry support and may enable using Emscripten to compile the High Fidelity client to WebAssembly which can then run at close to optimized C++ speeds in the browser.


Ilan - could this be used for OpenSim as well? It sounds ideal on several levels.

Somebody in charge of architecture - please evaluate the feasibility of this!

I will gripe about Apple as much as anyone, but I will gripe about Microsoft more. I love Linux and MacOSX, but I have no desire to go back to Windows ever.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to see an open source metaverse. But if that metaverse is not ubiquitous on all platforms and devices, it will probably be dumped in favor of something on Unity or Unreal.


It could theoretically, but OpenSim compatible viewers (such as Firestorm) have a codebase that is far from optimized and the WebGL code that would result from the compilation would not likely provide good browser-rendered performance. To make that a viable option you’d likely need to switch the viewer code to use WebMetal instead of OpenGL and that is not a project that the OpenSim community can realistically do in any meaningful time frame.

I actually promoted going this WebGL-based route years ago when there were more people involved in OpenSim development, but the OpenSim community didn’t want to pitch into the effort:


In any case, I think this is a realistic option for High Fidelity which has capable graphics developers on hand to make the change. They could then have a single codebase for High Fidelity that would run anywhere where Chrome runs (using WebVR for VR mode).


I think Macs have quit being important to creators, tbh. I’d much rather they put the energy into an Xbox client, I could use that immediately… Quest might be a good middle ground though?