Will High Fidelity Support Oculus Quest at launch?

I was excited to see the specs for Oculus Quest today. Will High Fidelity support the platform at launch? This seems to me to perhaps be the mass market VR device we’ve all been waiting for, and hopefully the specs are close enough to the Androd version that the port should work. Guess this is only a question given the limited Oculus support up until now (ie no dedicated Oculus app).

If you are gonig to support, how can we in the community support that?

More info here:


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Theyve been talking about untethered VR, so I am guessing they have been aware of it for quite some time.

But there is a few things that need to be done yet:

  • We need Manual LOD support. We need to be able to define the different levels of LOD per model.
  • Better load handling (we need to be able to define what loads first)
  • Better Web-End Security
  • Better Media support, we only support a handful encoding due to qT being packaged with only some.

no they wont
or they would be on the oculus market place
its so weird they aint

or they would be on the oculus market place

My theory on that (which is just a giant guess) is that the rift market isn’t that big and their ambitions are really big, so they are waiting for a mass market device before activating the growth phase. I can see that by avoiding the rift marketplace they are trying to avoid drawing a ‘gamer’ community which might not be the userbase they ultimately want. It’s going to be really hard for VR Chat to scale it’s userbase given the established community norms that have already got going there.

But that’s just a theory! Maybe they don’t want to support another platform internally or there are philosophical differences with the way Facebook is growing Oculus (eg closed ecosystem).

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This would be difficult to do without consideration for lots of optimization to keep the experience solid, but it would really give us an edge over say VRChat since I don’t think VRChat would ever pass with how resource intensive it can get. So I would love if they gave it serious consideration, it could open us up to a much larger and casual crowd, this especially applies if the Quest takes off like Facebook hopes it will.

Though, I must say that High Fidelity as an app does compete with Facebook’s own social systems they want to push, after all they’re after that juicy data about you and your life which is far different from HiFi’s model. Oculus isn’t a charity, the blessings it gives us today will be paid back in full in the future whether we like it or not, especially with the advent of eye-tracking.

So with all that considered, it may be difficult to support the platform in the long run but it’s worth a shot if there are no attempts at sabotage (and PLEASE don’t let FB purchase HiFi, though I doubt they would since its nature and allure is to get away from companies like FB and overbearing governance in general.)

(this is by no means official, just my comments as someone who worked on this briefly, but:)

We’ve actually submitted to the Oculus Store before and were rejected for performance and stability reasons. We had a push to resubmit but ended up dropping it. I’ll bring it up as something to look into again.


I’ve mentioned this before, but if it’s something you are considering it’s worth mentioning again. Oculus store recently launched an ‘Events’ section. This allows app makers to submit events in the apps direct to the Oculus home page which would be great for growth and getting those 500 people to attend the load test (though honestly I think the load tests are a bad place for new people as the experience gets laggy at least on my computer).

Also not sure when this was before but High Fidelity is much more stable than it used to be. There’s also something called an Early Access program where bugs etc are more acceptable, that might be a good home initially.


I’m curious about this, too.

We are definitely going to get High Fidelity running on as many standalone devices as we can, and we love the Quest. VR will not find a large audience until the Quest and other devices (like the Mirage and Vive Focus) become widely available.

Talking to Oculus about the process now… stay tuned.


Hi Philip,

Is there any update on whether High Fidelity can support the Quest at launch? I’m interesting in building an application that’s going to require a standalone headset with features like the Quest and trying to plan roadmap. It’s not clear when the Mirage and Focus will have 6DF controllers commercially available so Quest seems best bet currently.


Yes we are working on the Quest, and hope to have High Fidelity ready to run on it for launch! Very high quality device.


Bumping this topic because I am getting so excited about the Quest launch. I can imagine a pretty substantial new user base developing around here. Fingers crossed that High Fidelity is ready for this! I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be an important year for everyone here.