Windmill dissapeared, and after relog i keep crashing


I gave up to login. The windm,ill dissapeared. i did relog and after that i keep crashing.
DIsabled DDE, killed DDE.exe but no luck. crash crash.

Very weird.


I’ve been having frequent crashing today, too. At first, I’d get logged in, pop over to the meeting, and then crash. But more often I’d just crash just after getting logged in. After a bit, I managed to get logged in, and get over to the meeting, and could stand there a moment or so and hear part of the meeting… then crash again. oO After a half hour or so, the Interface just stopped at a blank white screen at launch. Once or twice I managed to get to it loading part of the interface elements, typically the av face pane on the upper left and maybe the chat window on the upper right, and sometimes slightly more than that, but with a blank black sky and well before the bounding-boxes resolved to objects… before it would hang again. This is on WIn7 64bit. Someone in the IRC channel suggested “… moving your Interface.ini file off to the side and logging in without it.” but there’s nothing named interface.ini in my …\High Fidelity\Interface\ folder for me to move out or rename.


The Interface.ini file can be found in windows at
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\interface.ini

Replace “Owner” with your computer user name.


Ah, no wonder… I was interpreting the instruction to mean that I needed to remove an installed component of Interface, and so I was looking for it where the executables and DLLs are stored.

I’ve renamed the Interface,ini to Interface.ini.old and launched version 2572 (the current newest Windows version), but before I can successfully plug in my username and password, I get a dialog box saying the server version is incompatible with the version of Interface I’m running… and then Interface hangs. Oo


You should still be able to log in at that point and TP to another server.
Just OK that message and continue.


The second I click the OK on the dialog, that’s when Interface stops responding and I get the whirly-pointer. oO

Anyway, why would the HQ domain be running server that’s incompatible with the current Interface?

edited to add: On the other hand, if I rename Interface.ini.old back to being Interface,ini and then launch Interface, I get a blank white window and Interface immediately hangs to whirly-pointer.

I notice, though, that there’s also an Interface.ini.h12700 and an Interface.ini.m12572 in there, both from a bit more than a month ago, and also one named Interface.ini.lock (that one seems to be 0 bytes). Should I rename one of those, instead?


Yes remove the lock file. deleting ini will give you a default ini

Yes I doubt this is the case, prob more a case of your interface is probably breaking and misreading and misreporting.

I logged in to HQ on 2570 and 2572 just now.


Okay, removed the .lock and then launched Interface again. This time I was able to log in.


I notice you are at Cape, which IS running an incompatible server


Weird. Every time I logged in the last week or so (I only come for the meetings), I’d click one of the usernames in the Users Online pane to get to someone @HQ for the meeting, but when I later crashed out during the meeting, and logged back in… I’d be back where I originally was when I logged in earlier, rather than where I was when I crashed, so I’d have to click someone on the Users Online pane again to get back to the meeting location. I guess it was putting me at Cape each time.


Yes , that’s weird problem i would say bug in interface.exe it’s not saving the new location when yoiur teleported. seems to be some hugh delay or mabey it only saves at logout. That last thing would be pretty wrong. It’s better to save the location direct after teleport.

Well, not updates to latest version for test. i think high fidelity is doing something on windows or forgot todo soemnthing when it crashed and you can only recover from that with restart. DDE ? because now it seems to work fine again.