Windows 10 - HF Forums stall when reply is entered


It looks like something about Windows 10’s Edge browser is causing the HF forums page to completely stall whenever a reply or new topic is entered. The response makes it to the servers, but the WEB page stalls out in the browser.


Edge is terrible browser not finished and seems to use more resources. That’s what i have read.

But who want to use edge anyway ? :open_mouth:


Instead of just reading about it, I measure it. Edge, seems to use considerably fewer resources. I can point out the terribleness issues with Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc. (I have lengthy lists), but it is worth first to verify if there is a standards violation going on with the HF code presented to the browsers - hence this report.


The test i have read where with 30 tabs open. not sure why you want to have so many open, but i know some that do that.


Ah, thank you. I will try that stress test. My wife often has 20-30 tabs opened. She is a professor, is on committee and chairs committees for PhD grad students. When reviewing papers/dissertations, she will often have several dozen reference sites opened.


Hey@Balpien_Hammere ,
I think you’re better off posting the issue with the discourse forum here, that is the software used for this forum, , it’s opensource.

Microsoft Edge will definitely have some adoption issues, it is still young, you’re better off using a browser with more years of human interaction experience at the moment.

A lot of websites have code that runs better on some browsers than others, usually depends on what the developer uses to create their web-app.




Edge is certainly not a finished browser, they haven’t introduced extensions yet so I would expect one or two teething problems.


I can confirm the same behaviour when replying using Microsoft Edge, but the back page arrow still seems to work, scrolling doesn’t.

The address bar and refresh remain active too. So the quick fix if you really want to use Microsoft Edge for now is to reply and then hit refresh.