Windows 10 Installation ISO file Official


If anybody is updating today you might want to go to this page to download the iso to try out Windows 10

Obviously make sure you get the one you need for your version of your windows


Hmm, I wonder how you get the key for the windows 10 if you are upgrading from 7…


you could always do the upgrade thingy but generally you can go to their store but it seems to be off-line right now for obvious reasons is overloaded

just scroll right down to the bottom you will see it


Yeah I know that path, but the ISO you showed seems to require the product key: To get that it seems you first have to upgrade in the first place:


I think the only way of getting a product key is going through the shop but I’m not a hundred percent sure about it with you just want to upgrade you can do that then do a fresh copy I think but don’t quote me on that


Well ‘dissapointed’ it loks like i don’t get windows 10 today.
It’s terrible if you don’t know when it comes.

And a agree, you first need to update your existing windows and activate it. after that i hav eread that you can do a clean install.


I figured it would take an earlier key.
They mention if you do a clean install you can skip the product key section and it will verify it is the same computer you’ve used to upgrade with, or something to that effect.

I’m hoping that option might provide some grace period if I have problems upgrading.


You could try ‘windows update’. That’s how I got it.


I’m finding it difficult to get a key out of Microsoft considering I have the full version from windows right now still waiting for official answer on that


Thats what i mean: basically they want you to upgrade first so that they get the hardware information stored, after which you can install your windows 10 copy clean from the site.


Certainly with Microsoft thinks this is going to be the easy way of getting rid of keys my windows product I have always asked for a full version of windows not like the ome versions I’ve left a message to their Microsoft shop no reply yet


I had a answer about the upgrading issue they say Windows Update only but this is the store saying this

I did find an answer for transferring your windows to another machine

The new license agreement preserves the longstanding transfer rights: OEM copies are locked to the device on which they’re sold, retail copies can be transferred to a different device as long as the old copy is removed first. (The Windows 10 EULA includes a specific exception for PC buyers in Germany, who are allowed to transfer OEM software thanks to a court ruling.)

How are you post to uninstall windows 10 ? big question No clear answer


Basically it means you cannot have it active at the same time: the Retail versions also come with 2-3 installs: So if the device it previously was on has been inactive (not started for a long time) it gets removed from active use. If not then you have to contact microsofts phone line.


Easy task, done it a bunch of times. lost count. just call microsotf. enter the number sequence from your screen. and you get a new number sequence back you can enter in windows.


Okay I found the answer. They HID the uninstall under the NOTIFICATIONS ICON. Check in there, via the upgrades tab. (trust me it’s there but you might be better off using the Recovery option once it’s dumped because, like a moron, it will attempt to reinstall Win 10 upgrade when Updates are run)

I was successful in dropping it (gone back to Win8.1 (for now)


I think I may have got to the bottom of this key issue especially with OME Typically they haven’t been activated so that’s why people are having problems with their activation with they do a clean install still don’t know about the full versions yet but installed anyway with a clean upgrade apparently you can do for now still haven’t had any feedback what happens to your original key from your recent Windows Version they haven’t made it clear with you can just use that key once you’ve done the upgrade


I did this:

Then I upgraded windows. After update, made sure it was activated.
Then used the clean install via the windows installer, installed without key, it automatically activated and assigned my key.