Windows 10 - Interface Build 4038 dialog problems


Windows 10 - Interface Build 4038.

Open running scripts window - if Interface is not maximized or running full screen you can not close running scripts dialog - clicking on its closer snaps it to top of screen hiding its closer off screen. If you maximize Interface window it works as expected. @chris


FYI, works OK on Windows 8.1.


@ctrlaltdavid - I’m seriously considering going back to Win7 :slight_smile:


@OmegaHeron I am on Windows 10 and can not repro.

I did:

Edit>Running scripts.
click the z at the top right.

Is that correction?



Yes - but do you have the window smaller than full screen? I have it taking up about half monitor size since I’m switch back/forth between several things for testing purposes. Also I’m starting to think my system just isn’t going to play well with Windows 10 and HF, too many really strange seemingly only me issues… but that’s another issue entirely.


@chris - I see what it is now - if Interface is below some minimum screen height the dialog loads in with the top portion hidden - if it loads this way then you attempt to grab it and move to expose top the closer doesn’t work.

It’s probably (famous last words) not going to be an issue as most would never make interface a small window size as I had to have 2 versions running side by side to do comparisons and room for note taking window.


Hi @OmegaHeron, I see what you are saying and agree, that for now it may not be a high priority bug. I will note it down.