Windows 10 - Interface crashes when update selected


Looks like a few Windows 10 issues.
When an update to interface is available, selecting “Update” causes interface to crash instead of close down normally, consequently DDE is left running and the update stalls awaiting DDE to be manually terminated.

Repro 100% on Windows 10


I think it may be a general Windows problem: Interface is crashing for me on shutdown on Windows 8.1.


It happens here that interface.exe is crashing sometimes too when i close the application. Windows 7 - 64bit


I do sometimes see a crash on interface app shutdown on Windows 7, something like 1 out of 20 times, but that is not what I am reporting here.

I just tried launching an older interface ( just 1-2 revisions old) and accepting an update. On Windows 7 the interface app closes down cleanly every time. On Windows 10 it crashes every time.


It did not crash for me when i pressed the update button. DId upgarde from windows 7 - 64bit). sofar mixed feeling heading to the down side with windows 10. This are the times you start to think. LINUX ??!?