Windows 10 interface/stackmanager uninstall


Continuing the discussion from Alpha meetup: Friday Jan 8th, 2016 @ 2pm PST:

@Richardus.Raymaker, I tried this on Windows 10and it worked OK. Can you describe exactly what you did and which error messages you received?



It looks i could install DDE ysetrday. but uninstall.exe i cannot help you with errors.
Because as soon i start uninstall.exe. Nothing happens. and you can run uninstall.exe directly or from the windows uninstall screen. the result is the same.

A mouse pointer that is in busy state and the program , in this case total commander is not responding anymore.


interface 3888 I cant make install it stops part way through as if somethings still running. I poked through task manager and couldn’t see anything. I’m at the ill have to turn it off and on again stage to see if that sorts it.


When running the interface installed, the [ ] dde install option is not checked. If you do check it then instead of installing DDE, the interface installer appears to download it into: C:\Program Files\High Fidelity\Interface\dde-installer.exe then install it. I see the dde folder getting created and populated.

At first I thought that was successful because DDE worked for me. And that came to an end when I uninstalled the old 32-bit-bit interface. No more DDE. I uninstalled the 64-bit interface, re-installed it, no DDE. Re-installed it again selecting the DDE option, and that installed DDE, but still no DDE. I suspect DDE is not a 64-bit app.

Amendment - just removing the x86 (32-bit) interface seemed to tame the 64-bit installer. And, I had to disable DDE then reenable it to make it work.