Windows 10 Nagware


I woke up to a “gift” from MS that almost destroyed my domain this morning by stealing just shy of 30 percent of my cpu power on my Stack Manager machine. Get Windows 10… aka GWX.exe.

I found a way to get rid of it BUT it will attempt to fight you for it.

This works in Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 but you need to boot to SAFE MODE.

The rest is a copy and paste from a web site that had the answer:

How to get rid of GWXconfigmanager.exe?

Restart your PC and enter the Safety Mode without netwrok. If you don’t know how to do this, check in google. Simply – press F8 several times right after bios finishes loading.

If possible, go to Start/Control Panel/Programs and remove the Windows update KB3035583.

In the safemode, search for the GWX folder inside C:\Windows\system32.  Delete the whole folder. Then click to start menu/run and type regedit. Search for GWX within the folder Local_Machine.  Delete the folder(s) named GWX.  Be careful, the three characters ‘gwx‘ might be included in other keys/register folders. Delete only those named GWX or pointing to C:\Windows\System32\GWX.

Restart the computer and check the task manager to see if the process disappeared. If you uninstalled the update, check for MS updates again and reinstall the update.

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— extra note, to get to safe mode on windows 8.1 you MAY need to type MSCONFIG in the run window, go to the BOOT drop down, and enable SAFE BOOT on the menu

you will also need to UNDO this to reboot normally (otherwise you will end up rebooting endlessley in safe mode!)


Extra note, you WILL have to go into UPDATES, look for the update and manually hide this pain-in-the-ass from being installed again - it will use the same update number (KB3035583)

(I’ve set updates to manual for the next few days just in case the bugger tries to slip in again.)


How can it steal 30% cpu power ? GWX is use no resources at all here 0% cpu windows 7 and 8.1. Need to check the tablet later.


I have no idea as I don’t code at all. BUT I do know hardware and the machine in question is NOT a super computer like those that you people use. It’s only a dual core with 2G memory and 512M video.

It WAS taking up 30 percent. And I’m not the only one. When I searched on how to be rid of this nagware I ran across numerous other mentions of similar issues.

Extra note, I’m not sure precisely WHY but MS didn’t bother with Windows 8 systems.


Hardware or Software this days is a disaster. Updating is like russian roulette. Things that need to be done right or need to be implemnented the dont do. As example the windows start mnenu in windows 10 is default good for classic shell install, Windows is a bit agressief to get people on windows 10. and i need to say i don’t see much improvments. i expect like windows 8 problems with programs. My nas drive don;t sleep anymore since last update.

So, welcome to the evil millenium :open_mouth:


Yeah my boss has been running Win 10 for a few months and it’s been nothing but disaster after disaster. I expect that the release of Win 10 will turn a great many people over to Linux and other REAL operating systems.

Microsoft’s eternal grab for money has left them with an ever shrinking user base and the phrase “User friendly” has totally lost meaning with them


hello i’m new user.If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1 on a computer that isn’t attached to a domain, you’re no doubt familiar with the “Get Windows 10” ads that try to convince you – sometimes subtly, sometimes forcefully – to install Windows 10. Microsoft’s intrusive campaign has drawn much well-deserved ire among Windows customers. I think it represents a new low in Microsoft marketing – right down there in the Scroogled end of the gene pool.