Windows Assignment Client - Installation Failed


In a change from yesterday (I think) the download of the assignment client.exe file fails to install and the stack manager will not operate. I tried multiple times and get the download going to 100% each time but then the installation failed message and the stack manger locks up.

There does not seem to be any way to ask it to roll back to the last working version or avoid updating.


Just checked it, windows 8.1. But there are no new updates for me today. Wich Stack-manager version have you used for installation ? The lastest is stackmanager-win-35.exe from there its updateing to the latest.


I think we have an issue with the updater… I can MANUALLY download the assignment-client.exe and put it in the right place and then things work, but the autoupdater failed every time.

It updated once over the weekend fine, but not this morning.

The base all along has been stackmanager-win-34.exe. Would that be automatically updated, or do we need to uninstall that and install stackmanager-win-35.exe instead? I have not seen any note or process for updating the stack manager and wonder if its done automatically? There is no version number showing on the stack manager or on the console startup log.


We need to use the stackmanager-win-35.exe just uninstall the 34 version. i think @chris told us inworld or in the forum in some existing topic to upgrade. I think it happend at the time we changed to entity’s


Hi @Ai_Austin are you getting your stackmanager from here: ?


I am now. I had no way to know what version I was running before as the stack manager reports no version on its interface or console log. I had originally installed stack-manager-win-34.exe and never changed. What is the process meant to be for notifying and updating the stack manager normally?

Anyway, I manually uninstalled all that was in place and installed a fresh stack-manager-win-35.exe now on hifi://Vue