Windows Build 697 Broken - Mouse inoperable in main graphics window


I installed Windows build 697, but the mouse cursor disappears when over the main graphics window… it appears over the chat area. I had to revert to the last build I used (windows 686) and things then worked okay again.

@Judas reports the same problem with today’s windows update 697 too.

On the systems with the Visage license failed issue, I still haver to run the special Windows “build 2” to get in.


yeah reverting to 695 fixed it for me


Same issue here. I reverted to 693, the last version I had, and that resolved the problem for me.


Same issue with MAC 608. I can’t see the mouse cursor in-world.


Yeah i have the same problem with build 697 on windows.


hi all, build 698 should have the mouse issue in windows fixed - please download and report back. Thanks!


Build 698 fixed that issue for me on windows, all looks good.


Looks good @leo the mouse works now.

Any news on a Windows version (other than the no-visage build 2) that will fix the Visage licence failed issue son the machines that are locked out of normal versions and updates? Or instructions of what to change to tidy up the problems remaining from the earlier (around windows 587) builds?


That fixed it for me too. Thanks!