Windows Cloud Server


Because the difficulties with an linux server and HF installation, I thought maybe about to rent a windows cloud server. To install HF on a windows cloud server, is it like to install HF on my desktop computer, just with a remote desktop software on this server?

And, if HF brings updates, I just need to install the new software above the old one? Okay, sorry, maybe this sounds very stupid… but maybe someone has experience with that. Thank you!

4 CPU vCores
4 GB ram
200 GB SSD
120 MBit


Nothing stupid there, you nailed it.
Yes, setting a hifi server on windows remote is just like setting up on your desktop.

Just download the latest stable Windows with a regular browser from within your remote machine and install.

You can then overwrite the models.json.gz and the config file with your active content. I use filezilla as an FTP client, but if you have RDP then you can usually copy and paste the files between remote and local.

Updates are the same as desktop, just remember not to accept the updated sandbox content because it will wipe your entire domain and replace it with the default sandbox (I’m sure they will soon add some kind of warning or safety mechanism)


Just make sure you not run not needed services like http server. further it works fine on windows server.


Cool :slight_smile: thanks @Adrian and @Richardus.Raymaker. Got it up and running.