Windows domain vanishing meshes


I keep noticing meshes disappearing from my domain . at first I thought maybe someone had popped in and messed things up. so I started backing up the svo and the things are missing when I replace the back up
Next i thought maybe its my server being weird but some Items hosted there remain intact
and some of Chris’s assets from the list vanished also.
So I’m wondering if its a bug or maybe the servers don’t always respond in a timely fashion . Or maybe the server isn’t creating a full log of assets.

Has anyone else noticed this? I have prepared flaming torches and a battering ram once we find out who’s at fault as is tradition*

*user error from Judas is exempt from angry lynch mob rule


I have noticed that I “lost” some meshes on our own test domain… but when I looked at the models.svo file I saw the models were there but lost under the -Y level. It seems that models can be “edited” out of bounds (e.g. by a clumsy mouse movement) without an error being indicated but then become invisible or inaccessible?


I played short today with the stackmanager. (never try something quick…) but after i stopped / killed it. and later started thing up i never seen my voxels back i placed for test.


I have noticed what seems to be a reproducible bug (on my system at least)

Of the new mesh models that @chris made available, the Banyan tree wont persist, everytime I put it in it goes away after a time.

When I put it on the domain and look at the models.svo file I see it there, but after a short time it seems to disappear from this file, it seems the system updates this file regularly, and during the update it decides for some reason that this Banyan tree does not deserve to be there, and removes it from the list, permanently.

It only seems to happen with this one model (that I have been able to ascertain)


Are the models that you see disappearing close to other models? (if so we have found the issue for this and are working on a fix). Also, if you place a model and the model bounding box falls into a negative x,y,z position that can also have a bad result. To see the model bounding box go to Developer>Model Options>Display Models Bounds.


No the model in my example was pretty much by itself in the middle of nowhere, sitting on voxels.


@chris since you mentioned it, this could be the reason for lots of my particle mesh objects disappearing, I see them collide and only one survives, this continues to happen until they stop colliding because there is only a few left.