Windows Installer Package for Interface


One thing that seems a bit cumbersome (especially with the number of times we do this) is having the redistributable runtime package installer fired on every install. It’s slow and, from time to time seems to go off into its own little world taking even longer than normal to complete (typical of many MS provided installers). Would it be possible for installer to act as many do - checking if it needs to run the installer for msvcrt stuff and only do so if applicable? Even better - have it fetch the package if needed vs bundling it in each installer build.


seconds that, it freezes up the pc doing that thing


@OmegaHeron / @Judas was just talking about this with @thoys today — there’s a function in the installer that should be doing that, but evidently it’s checking the wrong registry key.

I’ll have this fixed by early next week.



Freezing your pc @judas. wow. thats bad. its only annoying it takes a while to install. but it’s soon fixt


Build 2023, the runtime installer still appears when installing high fidelity.